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Name:Museum Gustavianum
Location:Uppsala, Sweden
This is a Museum for the history of the Uppsala University located in the former library of the Gustavianum -a well-known 17th century building.

The museum exhibits five hundred years of university history, where the most important object is the building itself and the oldest is a clerical document from 1479. The exhibition is symmetrically arranged with rectangular display cases along the long sides of the rooms. Between these a central space with display tables is formed, where guided groups can gather to get an overview of the collections. The display cases are glazed around the corners on three sides and are technically advanced, with climate control and fibre optics. The relationship with the surrounding building and with the past lies mainly in the materials. The back wall of the display cases, the floor and the ceiling are of red oak, the display tables are of black steel, and the tall, free-floating, ceiling-light fixtures are of polished solid brass.

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