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Name:Naturum Gotland
Location:Vamlingbo, Sweden
This museum for \"Naturrum Gotland\" is located in a big old outhouse restored for this new purpose. This museum is one of many commissioned by the Swedish state to show the diffrent types of nature in this country.
The outhouse belongs to the old Vicarage of Vamlingbo on the exotic island of Gotland outside the Swedish coast. The church and vicarage is located nearby, the latter functioning as a small art gallery with a large and artfully planned garden in the back.
In this old and large outhouse with its impressively thick limestone walls we designed an open space partly covered with a second floor. New windows in the original openings/gateways and a new double roof construction which exposes the roof trusses. The new floor, all in one level, consists of the local limstone.
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