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Name:Rådhus Viborg
Location:Viborg, Denmark
Competition for new regional court in Viborg.
The new Regional Court building is designed to profile the Midjylland region with a new and vital landmark.
The new building\'s scale and placing creates a nice composition with the existing buildings and the colour scheme and form strengthens the new and gives it its own identity. The addition of the circular meeting- and assembly rooms contrasts with the rectangular office and entrance building in a manner that demonstrates the new buildings importance in the surrounding area.
The existing water tower and the design of the connecting square can enrich the area in how the old and new are linked. The choice of brick for the facades connects to the local building tradition. The different colour of the glazed surface on the bricks connects to the colours in the Viborg, Ringkøbings and Åhus “amtsvåben”. The new additions are placed to create a new main entrance and focus that is facing the central parts of the town of Viborg.
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