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Name:Museum of Sketches
Location:Lund, Sweden
The extensive addition to the existing Museum of Sketches for Public Art was commissioned after an invited competition.
The competition proposal is intended to be executed in two stages. It is a compact solution for an enlarged museum with an auditorium, a cafe and new exhibition halls. The new museum and sculpture garden opens up towards Biblioteksparken. In the core of the new museum a quiet inner court is created as a contrast to the surrounding halls throng with exhibition material. Most of the exhibition material is sensitive to daylight, which limits the admission of natural light. On the roof, however, in keeping with architect Westman’s Swedish Hall from 1959, there are adjustable skylights. In the facade there are window slits with internal shutters that offer visitors views of the surroundings. The exterior is made out of light, precast concrete elements.

Arkitektur, Stockholm, no 3, 2000

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